Enviro. Responsibility

We believe it is possible to supply our customers with superior linen while protecting people and the environment.

By choosing Nevada Linen Supply for your linen, uniform, and overall business needs you in turn help the environment as well. Not only do we do our best to create a more “green” planet, but we also help your business do the same. We take a strong innovative approach to cutting energy consumption, water usage, and recycling/reusing our products. This ultimately brings about savings to your operation and improves your bottom line.

We make a conscious effort to recycle as much of what we use as possible. Currently on an annual basis, we recycle approx. 25,000 lbs and 7,200 lbs of cardboard and plastic products respectively.

Pulse Flow Tunnels
Utilizing state of the art CBW tunnels we have implemented a water reuse/recycle system in order to capture any and all water that is reusable at the end of every wash cycle. In turn this promotes nearly 90% of all water to be reused in some facet of the wash cycles.

Water/Heating Reclamation System
By capturing used heated water and recycling it through tempered city water, we increase the temperature of yet to be used water. Furthermore, using no utilities we send that slightly heated city water funneling through boiler exhaust to increase temperature again. (2008 Stack Economizing System) Prior to the water ever reaching a boiler it is already at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in tremendous savings in gas and electric consumption.

Lead/Lag System
Our computer system linked to our boilers allows them to read one another’s heating demands. By doing this they conserve energy by talking to each other and control gas usage.

By replacing 50,000sqft of metal halide lights for compact fluorescents, we cut operational energy consumption by 70% annually.

Any and all mats we sell or rent are 100% PVC free.