With a keen focus on superior product quality and unparalleled service, Nevada Linen Supply continually strives to set the standard in linens servicing the Las Vegas area.

Rooted in a mid-western business attitude and starting in his driveway washing mats, CEO and Owner Steve Stith Sr. began in humble ways to improve quality and service within the linen industry. After seven years as a sales manager for Western Linen (no longer in business), he decided to go into business for himself. He began growing the business with a family oriented workforce, strong ethics, and a focal point on high service standards. Listening is the foundation of customer interaction, and truly catering to the customers needs is what ultimately stimulated unique levels of growth. Still today we pride ourselves in doing everything in our power to service our customer’s which has repeatedly enabled us to set a precedent in all we do. Above all, quality of linen and quality of service have been the priority since 1986.

Fostering the exact same approach President, Steve Stith Jr. not only continues the consistent quality and service standards in place, but also generates innovative ideas to constantly improve those standards and stimulate new business ventures. All while providing our customers the overall satisfaction they require and much more.

“As we look to the future, we look for growth opportunities but not at the expense of our customers”.  – Steve Stith Sr.